marcena , transplant Apr. 04. 11 2 Comments

When thinking of how transplantation gave Marcena a new life, there is a memory so interwoven in my heart, that I still visualize it nearly every day. It was a few weeks after her first heart transplant in July 1993, and she was well enough to be given a “day pass” to leave the hospital. We can never speak highly enough about the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and one of the many things they got right was understanding the need for children’s emotional and spiritual well being and not just their obvious physical care. Giving those “long-termers” an opportunity to go beyond the walls of the hospital and for a few hours, pretend they were simply spending some quality family time exploring the city, was immeasurably helpful. It saved our sanity, Marcena’s and mine, and we could not wait to have that pass in hand!

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